Media Production

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Media Technology Services is here to provide you with professional quality media content that you will be proud to show off.  With only a few exceptions, most of our services are completely free to faculty, staff, and students!  If your department or organization is looking to create a promotional video, create training videos, or simply record a one-time event, please make sure to contact us.  Below is a list of the services that we offer to the campus.

Audio and Videotaping

Media Technology Services video and audio records a wide variety of activities on campus for a variety of purposes: guest lectures, event documentation, meetings, interviews, student presentations, and pre-recording of lectures for later playback. Taping can be done in the classroom, in our conference room, or on location.

Scheduling a videotaping should be done at least one week in advance. Room and scheduling conflicts often arise, so have at least two alternative times available. Include your name, phone number, e-mail address, and course title with any correspondence.

Educational and Promotional Videos

Video is a major part of any promotional campaign these days, and your department or club deserves to be seen!  Media Technology Services produces a variety of videos each year ranging from departmental or club promotional videos to educational tutorials and lectures. Because of the amount of work that is involved with these types of projects, Media Technology Services only completes a limited number of them in an academic year.  If you are looking to get your name out there with a professional quality video, please contact us!

Transfer Services

Media Technology Services offers a variety of transfer services. We can transfer your still pictures, slides, or digital images to videotape; or we can transfer your powerpoint presentation to videotape. For more information, please contact Russell Hill at 608.342.1139.

Duplication/Converting Services

Media Technology Services can duplicate or convert a varity of formats: Mini DV, DVCam, VHS, S-VHS, audio cassette tapes, DVD, and CD.

Duplication of foreign tapes (PAL, SECAM) is not currently available. Media Technology Services also transfers still photographs and 35mm slides to videotape for classroom use. We ask your cooperation in following the procedures outlined below to insure that Media Technology Services complies with applicable Federal Copyright Law and university policies.

Depending on the intended use of the materials transferred, nominal labor and/or equipment charges may be applicable. Please ask for an estimate of pertinent charges when making your request.

All tapes should be delivered to Russell Hill. Multiple tape programs should be clearly labeled with title and number to ensure materials are transferred in the proper sequence. Each video should be cued to the beginning of the program to be duplicated, or the entire tape will be duplicated.

Written authorization from the copyright holder must accompany each request for duplication or transfer of copyrighted materials. This authorization should indicate that the copyright holder possesses all applicable rights to the materials, including: (1) literary property upon which materials are based; (2) music rights (composition and performance); (3) rights to all visual and graphic elements (slides, graphs, still photographs) contained in the work; and (4) performing artists' releases. . The copyright holder should also indicate the number of copies of the work that can be made and the length of time they can be retained.