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Print-based courses are completed via interaction (mail, electronic) between the student and assigned instructor. Students receive a course manual that guides them through the course and outlines reading and writing assignments and projects, and also provides direction on submitting these materials to the instructor for grading. Most courses have exams that are proctored. Instructors work with the students as they progress through the course to review homework, answer questions, grade exams, and give feedback.


Students must work with an advisor to register for print-based courses. Visit our course offerings page to review courses offered in the print-based format.

Standard Term Enrollment
Students who utilize financial aid must enroll in standard term print-based courses. There are three terms throughout the year in which you can enroll for courses: fall, spring, and summer. Enrollments will have start and end dates that reflect the standard term and instructors will issue a grade at the end of the term. There are no extensions. Registration and payment deadlines follow the standard term deadlines (see academic calendars or contact your advisor for this information).

Standard term print-based students must complete a course attendance requirement by the census date of each semester of enrollment. This assignment is sent to the student at the time he/she registers and again with course materials. The Distance Learning Center must receive this assignment by the census date for EACH course the student is enrolled in or the student will be dropped from his/her course(s) and, therefore, lose financial aid eligibility for the semester. Any financial aid funds disbursed to the student account or refunded to the student must be returned by the university to the U.S. Department of Education. The student will be responsible for the balance due on their account as a result of this action.

It is important that you review and understand all financial aid policies prior to registering for print-based course(s). Financial Aid policies for print-based course work is available on the Financial Aid website, or you can contact the Financial Aid Office directly for information or questions.

12-Month Enrollment
Students paying full tuition out of pocket or using employer or military benefits (utilizing no financial aid) may enroll in 12-month print-based courses. There are no extensions. Twelve-month print-based courses start on the 2nd of each month, with the registration/payment deadline being the 15th of the month prior.

Course Materials

Course materials will be mailed prior to the course start date and will include the following:

Course Manual:  The course manual will be your guide as you work your way through the course. It includes your reading and homework assignments and instructor commentary. It will also let you know at which points in the course it is time to take course examinations. All assignments should be submitted to your instructor by mail, fax, or email. (Check with your instructors about their preferences for receiving assignments.)

Course Information Sheet:  The Course Information Sheet provides the name of your assigned instructor for the course and summarizes course information. Please note that some courses have more than one course instructor—the Course Information Sheet is the only document that will provide your assigned instructor’s name so it is important that you retain this information for your reference.

Study Tips:  A packet with study tips and a goals and objectives worksheet is included with your course materials. It is important that students utilize this information to outline a plan for completing course(s) within the specified enrollment period.

Progress Report:  Progress Reports are to be completed on a monthly basis and submitted to the student’s advisor. These reports provide an opportunity for the student to inform his/her advisor of his/her progress, ask questions, or express any concerns.

Proctored Exams

Most print-based courses will require proctored examinations. Completing the proctor approval process should be one of the first things you do when you enroll, so that you have a proctor on file when you are ready to take examinations.


For information on obtaining textbooks visit the textbook page.

Tuition and Fees

Review the tuition and fees for undergraduate print-based courses.

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