Section: MCIC



Myth: Students do not take advantage of going to the conference.
Fact: The target MCIC audience is UW-Platteville students, with additional consideration given to the campus and local community. The majority of past attendees were students.

Myth: Students don’t really see the value in the MCIC conference.
Fact: Many students make an effort to learn and share about diversity issues. Last year, students participated as conference presenters.

Myth: The MCIC committee expects conference attendees to be on campus on a Saturday.
Fact: Respondents commented and the committee listened. This year’s conference takes place on Thursday and Friday.

Myth: The MCIC conference focuses only on limited areas of diversity.
Fact: The keynote speakers and presenters of the 2013 Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference will discuss ability, LGBT, immigration, race, gender, and many more topics!

Myth: Committing to the conference means students and instructors will miss two full days of classes.
Fact: Attendees can drop in to the sessions as their schedule allows.



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