Why Study at SAIIE


There are a vast number of options to study abroad in Spain, here are just a few reasons why you should study abroad at the Spanish-American Institute of International Education (SAIIE) through UW-Platteville Education Abroad:

Onsite support and student services

Students studying abroad through UW-Platteville Education Abroad can rest assured knowing that the SAIIE on-site staff ensures everything from airport reception to securing accommodation and from orientation to organizing activities and excursions throughout the term.  There is no matter too big or too small for SAIIE’s exceptional staff!

Cultural immersion

SAIIE ensures that students have a real Spanish experience abroad through a wide variety of intercultural opportunities including: courses taught by native Spanish speakers, an intercambio program with local Spaniards (language partners), and accommodation with local Spanish host families.   Students have countless encounters with Spanish language and culture, leaving them more linguistically and culturally competent. 

Unique courses and education on location

SAIIE’s courses are designed to help students learn from a Spanish perspective and through education on location.  Courses held regularly or entirely on site is just one of the qualities that makes SAIIE’s courses so impactful and memorable as SAIIE truly uses Seville as its classroom.

Endless Cocurricular Opportunities

From activities on campus to internships and volunteer opportunities in the community, there is never a dull moment for students studying at SAIIE because of the many cocurricular opportunities.  And for those students who want to experience all that Seville and Spain have to offer, SAIIE regularly organizes reasonably priced, and often free, activities for students such as tapas nights, museum tours, attending sporting events, and day and weekend excursions around the country.

A safe, comfortable, and accessible city

With a population of 750,000 and easy access by walking or public transportation, Seville is large enough to keep students busy on the weekends but small enough to run into friends on the street.  SAIIE is located in the very heart of medieval Seville, with close proximity to shops, restaurants, outdoor cafés, and well-known sights such as the Plaza Salvador of Seville, the Cathedral, Alcazar, and Barrio de Santa Cruz.


A semester abroad can be more expensive than a semester in the United States, so UW-Platteville Education Abroad strives to keep costs as low as possible with this in mind.  By living like a local student and taking advantage of the on-site staff's extensive expertise, UW-Platteville Education Abroad and SAIIE are able to offer one of the most affordable education abroad programs in Spain.

A history of amazing experiences

UW-Platteville Education Abroad has been helping students from across the United States study at SAIIE since 1984 and hundreds of students have rated it the best experience of their life.  See what recent program participants have been saying about their experience on Abroad101: studyabroad101.com/programs/uw-platteville-education-abroad-at-the-spanish-american-institute-of-international-education-sa.

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