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Seville, Spain
Seville, Spain

A student visa is required for students intending to study in Spain for a semester or academic year. Students participating on a summer or winterim program are not required to have a visa. 

A visa is an official document affixed in a U.S. Passport by the Consulate General of Spain granting permission to live and study in Spain for the duration that the visa is valid.  Students need to apply directly to the Consulate General of Spain with jurisdiction over their permanent residence (not their school address) and be aware that each Consulate may differ slightly in its visa application requirements.  Consulate Generals of Spain in the United States require that all applicants make an appointment with and travel to the Consulate within their jurisdiction and apply for their visa in person.

Entry into Spain must take place within 45-90 or 60-120 days of obtaining the student visa (depending on the Consulate’s procedures), and visa processing can take up to six weeks so timing is important.  In addition, the student’s U.S. Passport must be valid at least one year beyond the date of visa application, with at least one blank page to affix the visa.  As of January 2013, the Consulate General of Spain charge $160 to apply for a Spanish student visa.  

Students will be given additional information and instructions upon application, but for the most up to date information on the Spanish student visa process and procedures, please visit the Embassy of Spain in Washington's website:

How long does the visa process take? 

The visa process takes 4 weeks from the day the application, plus 10 days for mail delivery.
We recommend you schedule an appointment as soon as you have all the required documents and not before 90 days prior to the beginning of your studies in Spain.

Where and when do I apply? (Chicago Consulate Information)

The Consulate of Spain in Chicago will consider applications in person for Visas BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. One appointment per person.

To schedule an appointment click in the following link:

Apply at this Consulate, if you study or your permanent address is in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 

What documents do I need? 

All documents to be submitted in original form + 1 copy.

Visa Checklist for Chicago Consulate:
❏2 Original National visa application form (no photocopies)
❏Original passport and ID (+1 photo copy)
❏2 recent passport-sized photo (to be attached to original visa apps)
❏Flight Itinerary
❏Proof of health insurance (print out CISI consulate letter and card +1 photocopy)
❏Consulate Letter (print yours off, under files in the group +1 photocopy)
❏Self-addressed USPS Express envelope
❏$160 Money order for ‘Consulate of Spain in Chicago’
❏Appointment confirmation printout


How much does it cost? 

Please visit our website to check the most recent visa fees:
ONLY money orders are accepted! No personal check, no credit cards.
The processing fee will not be returned even if the visa is not granted or cancelled.

How do I pay for my visa? 

ONLY money orders are accepted! No personal check, no credit cards. Please make money orders out to: "Consulate of Spain"

NOTE:The processing fee will not be returned even if the visa is not granted or cancelled.

When can I expect to receive my visa once it is processed? 

Once the visa is approved, the Consulate will return applicant’s passport inside the Express Mail envelope. Applicants can check the status of the
shipment by tracking the envelope at:

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