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Students studying abroad at the Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) have a wide range of opportunities available to them to enhance their experience outside the classroom.  Opportunities include:

Excursions and Activities

The semester begins with an entrance ceremony and ends with a farewell reception for students, their host families, and NUFS faculty and staff. Between these two important festivities, a variety of interesting and educational excursions and activities are planned.

Shortly after arrival, students will be taken on a bus tour of Nagasaki City to help them orientate themselves and see the locations of the numerous tourist attractions that Nagasaki has to offer.  Throughout the term, half-day excursions are incorporated into the Japan Studies courses, which may include: visits to schools, to historical sites (History of Nagasaki course), and to companies, factories, businesses, and banks (Japanese Business/Management course).

An additional day trip will be organized each semester with a focus on sports and Japanese culture. In the spring semester, program participants will visit Fukoka to watch a Softbank Hawks baseball game, and fall program participants will attend a professional sumo tournament.  In addition, an overnight excursion is planned to a hot-springs resort in the vicinity of Nagasaki each term.  Additional information on excursions and activities will be provided during the on-site orientation at NUFS.

Clubs and Organizations

NUFS offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations including: Basketball, Cafe du Ra, Chinese Students Association, Flamenco Club, GaiDai Big Brothers and Sisters, Kendo Club, Light Music, NEST, Petanque, Soccer, Softball, Soft Tennis, Tea Club, Table Tennis, Travel Club, and Volleyball.  Learn more about the student activities available on the NUFS website:

Conversation Partner Program

International and domestic students have the option of participating in the NUFS Conversation Partner Program.  The program designed to match international students with a Japanese student and allows students to exchange e-mails, become friends on Facebook, and chat on Skype before arriving in Japan.  Once in-country, students typically meet with their partners once a week for an hour. In return students should spend an equal amount of time helping the Japanese student learn your language. What students do during their time together is up to the partners, but activities range from free conversation to discussing aspects of Japanese culture.


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