ResNet History 2001-2010


2002 - ResNet web page design completed
ResNet support area expanded to include administrative offices of Campus Life.
Campus Life area includes: Student Housing, Auxiliary Services/Facility Operations, Student Affairs Office, Dining Services, CFA, Nohr Art Gallery, ID Office, Campus Life Operations, and Pioneer Involvement Center.
Support renamed to Campus Life Network Support
Total accounts for year - 1,496 in-room accounts. 67% of hall population.
2003 - 
Total accounts for year - 1,776 in-room accounts. 80% of hall population.
2004 - 
First issue of "Tech Times", a ResNet newsletter was published on 2/9/04.
"Healthy Computing" flyer developed to assist students with keeping their computers free of viruses, spyware and adware.
Exploring the use of NetReg for online ResNet registration.
Total accounts for year - 1,975 in-room accounts. 89% of hall population.
2005 - 
ResNet Support Office moves from 112 Royce to 122 Royce.
Total accounts for year - 2,348 in-room accounts. 93% of hall population.
2006 - 
Melcher, Porter, Hugunin receive new lab computers.
Melcher, Morrow, Pickard, Wilgus receive new LaserJet printers
2007 - 
ResNet Hosts WIRES Conference "Bringing it back to Platteville"
175 Copyright Violations received (Record High)
1 RIAA subpoena
2010 - 
Programming phase of New Housing Framework (Extranet)
1 copy right notice


2001 - Network electronics installed at an approxmiate cost of $575,000.
Varied cable lengths offerred for student purchases.
Port activation no longer manual "patching" of ports. On-line activation developed by OIT.
ResNet CD completed. Contains information about ResNet as well as useful tools to assist with connection.
OIT implemented Packeteer in monitoring mode to analyze network traffic.
2003 - Port Authority implemented. Users were required to authenticate each time they accessed the network.
Due to issues with authentication, Port Authority was removed until. Issues between software/hardware existed.
Development of ResNet newsletter started.
Introduced support thru IM (Instant Messaging) as an option to students for ResNet.
2004 - 
McGregor, Porter and Hugunin Hall receive new laser printers.
Brockert, McGregor, and Pickard receive new lab computers.
2005 - 
Network face plate replacement begins (9 year project)
Pay services provided
Allow wireless routers in halls
2006 - 
Southwest Hall online w/ keyless entry
Wilgus, Dobson, Southwest Hall receive new computers
Southwest Hall, Brockert, Dobson receive new LaserJet printers
2007 - 
RDs receive new computers
Brockert, Pickard, McGregor, Morrow receive new computers
NetReg successfully launched in all Halls w/ copyright quiz
2008 - 
Planning, phase of new Housing Framework
1 copy right notice
Wireless APs in Resident Halls (study lobbies)
2009 - 
More wireless APs in Resident Halls (Study/Lobby)
1 copy right notice
Maxient-Judicial Tracking
Programming phase of New Housing Framework (Extranet)
Royce Kiosk
Combined Training
2010 - 
Launch of Extranet
New Applications process for Dining Services & Resnet
Combined Training


2002 - Minimum Configurations reviewed for Fall 2002.
Continued work on ability to register for connection on-line.
Due to increased bandwidth costs and increased bandwidth usage measured by Packeteer, decision was made to shape traffic to control costs.
2003 - 
Minimum Configurations reviewed for Fall 2003.
Support Levels for network cards and operating systems introduced to campus. Effective August 1, 2003.
Due to increased amount of copyright violations, Copyright booklet was developed.
2004 - 
Development of Campus Life Network Support web pages.
Evaluating scope of support for ResNet
Continue to work on NetReg to hopefully implement in Fall 2004.
2005 - 
Front Desk Mananager re-designed.
Re-evaluation of NetReg
2006 - 
New database (Titus) implemented
Maintenance receives PDAs and new label writer
Kiosk software implemented
2007 - Cleaning up of ResNet hosted websites

New ResNet / UCNS Support Manager
Pilot Launch for NetReg in Southwest Hall
2008 - 
Ullsvik Hall back Online
CFA Box Office 2nd location in Ullsvik Hall
2009 - 
Wireless APs in Resident Halls (study lobbies)
Wii gaming consoles in Glenview Remodel
Axis TV for menu in Glenview
APs Glenview
2010 - 
Adapted HEOA Guidelines
Campus Host FoodPro conference

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