Students may set up appointments with ResNet to have a network consultant come to their room.The following guidelines apply:

  1. Students must be present in their room while ResNet staff are present.
  2. ResNet staff are not allowed to work on components inside the computer.
  3. Prior to coming out to the hall ResNet staff will call to confirm the student is in their room.
  4. If the student is not present ResNet staff may (a) cancel the appointment or (b) go to the student's room to attempt to keep the appointment.If a student cannot be contacted or is a 'no show' ResNet will not attempt to re-schedule for at least 2 business days. We appreciate your cooperationwith this policy as there are over 1900 students with computers who use ResNet services.
  5. ResNet staff will do their best to resolve problems in a timely manner. Please remember that the staff are also students and may have to leave before a resolution has been reached to attend classes.
  6. If a resoluton cannot be reached the consultant may schedule another appointment and will document the work completed during the current appointment. Another consultant may be available to continue working on the problem.

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