Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research experiences are some of the most important tools available to faculty for enhancing student interest, understanding, and knowledge retention and increasing the recruitment and retention of students from groups underrepresented in STEM fields. Research experiences increase the likelihood that undergraduate students will pursue and achieve graduate degrees and develop skills that are desirable in private and public sector employment. 

Geography students are strongly encouraged and supported in pursuing funding for their research through the Pioneer Undergraduate Research Fund while the Tree-Ring, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (TREES Lab), directed by Geography faculty, represents a Center of Excellence in Undergraduate Research at UW-Platteville. UW-Platteville students have excelled in these endeavors and have garnered multiple award-winning presentations among the nearly 70 talks students have given at national and international conferences held across Wisconsin, the United States, and as far away as Argentina. If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate research experience, please contact the relevant faculty or staff.

Media on Research at UW-Platteville

Aquifers and WatershedsListen to Adjunct Chris Bocast as he travels with Sara Allen and her research team as they pursue old oaks to learn more about drought in southwest Wisconsin.


Old Tree Join a film crew from Oregon Public Television and faculty member Evan Larson as they seek out an ancient tree in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of eastern Oregon.

The Driftless Oaks Project and how you can help!

Drought in SW Wisconsin as Told by Oaks (And How You Can Help)

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