High-Impact Education

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High-Impact Education

High-impact practices are those which use a range of techniques to engage students, deepen the learning experience, and enhance retention of knowledge and critical thinking. Rather than simply sitting in a lecture hall, learning by rote, and taking an exam, students in geography classes actively engage with their courses through service-learning experiences, field trips, and hands-on learning. Geographers at UW-Platteville work collaboratively in a community of peers, experience real-world applications of knowledge, and reflect on their learning processes. Research consistently shows that high-impact practices improve grades, increase educational satisfaction, and enhance undergraduate student success across their program of study. High-impact pedagogy benefits all students.

The Department of Geography at UW-Platteville is one of the leading programs on campus for providing students with high-impact learning experiences through creative, reflective, and active approaches to teaching, extensive integration of field excursions into nearly all of our courses, offering several intensive field trip courses, and offering rigorous undergraduate research experiences. If you are an active student who learns best by doing, by experiencing the material you learn in class, and by interacting with your fellow classmates, instructors, and community, geography is the field for you.


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