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Where do you fit in Geography?

Where do you fit in the field of geography?

Geography is the study of the Earth: its physical processes, peoples, societies, and cultures. Geography is a “big picture” discipline that serves as an important connection among the social, physical, and mathematical sciences, as well as humanities. It incorporates aspects of many other fields such as geology, history, biology, and anthropology. Given this, geographers are ideally suited to address some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as addressing global climate change, assessing the impacts of social policies, mediating debates over land use and sustainable development, and assessing the interactions between nature and society. Click on the diagram above to get a sense of how the different aspects of geography interact to create the field and how this field relates to nearly every other program of study at UW-Platteville. Where are your interests situated? What geography degree is right for you?

Major Degree options

A major in geography offers broad training in physical and human environments, on the major world regions, nature and society interactions, and geographic techniques. Upon graduation, geographers have diverse knowledge applicable to a wide range of careers. The largest employers of geographers with bachelor’s degrees are federal, state, and local governmental agencies, as well as educational systems. Geography offers important skills for careers in planning, market analysis, economic development, travel-tourism, teaching, criminal justice, agriculture, environmental studies, natural resource management, international affairs, spatial data analysis, cartography, and geographic information systems.

Minor Degree Options:

Three minors are offered through the Department of Geography or in conjunction with other programs at UW-Platteville. These degrees are strongly complementary to a range of majors including agriculture, business, civil and environmental engineering, education, and reclamation. If you think a degree in geography fits your personal and professional goals please stop by one of our offices to learn more about the options available to you.

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