Patricia A. Doyle

Patricia A. Doyle's death in July of 1994 struck many people at UW-Platteville. She was the first employed director of the Women's Center as well as being employed in several other positions. The Women's Center was supported by her as well as Counseling Services, the Dean of Students, Multicultural Services, as well as many volunteers. Patricia maintained active involvement with the Women's Center. She started programming, funding for new facilities, and the library; Patricia was committed to women's issues. Patricia was also active in issues for women in higher education even after her term as Women's Center Director in 1981. She was active in the National Association of Women in Education and H.E.R.S. In honor of Patricia and all of her hard work making Platteville's campus a better and safer place for women, the center bears her name. The dedication took place Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1995.

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