UTBM Accommodation

UTBM Accommodation
UTBM Accommodation
UTBM Accommodation

Students have the Université de Technologie Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) have options for on-campus or off-campus accommodation. On-campus accommodation has the advantage of being within walking distance of campus and a cost savings. Off-campus accommodation allows students more independence and the chance to arrange accommodation with friends or French students. Regardless, both types of accommodation are located in such a way to connect students with the city while still being within reach of the university.


Residence halls in France are run by public student-services agencies known as CROUS. Most accommodation is within a fifteen minute walk from campus. For UTBM, the accommodation offered is either a studio apartment or an individual bedroom with shower, toilet, and fridge. Bed, desk, shelving, and wardrobe space are provided. Accommodation is competitive, so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. More information on CROUS can be found here.


Off campus accommodation is also available but at a higher cost. Accommodation may be furnished or unfurnished and is generally studio or apartment lodging. The accommodation cost is paid out-of-pocket in advance by the student, and all rent and deposits are to be paid in Euros. Students must organize their own accommodation, but both CampusFrance.org and UTBM provide resources to help students.  For more information visit UTBM’s website: http://www.utbm.fr/


Meals are paid for out-of-pocket by the student.  Kitchens are available for students who prefer to cook, and UTBM also has several student restaurants.


Wi-Fi is available for a small charge. Adjustments with regard to speed and availability must be anticipated.


Laundry facilities may or may not be offered at the students' accommodation and may require an additional cost.  Accommodation is also  located near laundry mats.


The accommodation cost is to be paid out-of-pocket by the student, either in advance for their study at UTBM or monthly, and all rent and deposits are to be paid in Euros.  International students are eligible to apply for accommodation assistance from the French government, but assistance is not guaranteed. For more information on the cost of living in France, see the breakdown of cost on the Dates and Costs page.

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