UTBM Cocurricular Activities


Students studying abroad at the Université de Technologie Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) have a wide range of opportunities available to them to enhance their experience outside the classroom. Opportunities include:


The UW-Platteville Exchange program does not include organized excursions and activities, but students can organize independent travel on weekends and over university breaks. Trains run to major French cities, such as Paris and Lyon, and to the neighboring countries of Germany and Switzerland, allowing students the freedom to explore Europe while studying.

Clubs and Organizations

UTBM offers a wide variety of student clubs, organizations, sports, and activities, including:

Student Clubs and Organizations

CETU, the student council at UTBM, works hard to keep students informed about the university while also arranging activities for students.  The Association of Students also organizes several events and major activities on campus for students, including a camping trip in the Jura mountains.

There are activities for every type of student, from the humanitarian La Boutic' to the musical Club Mix to the fun of Club Magic. There are over 45 clubs for students to get involved with during their time in Belfort


Sports are important in French culture, and football (soccer) is the most popular sport in France. At Le Bureau des Sport, students can get involved with rugby teams, soccer, body building, capoeira (an extreme dance form), and other activities, both team oriented and individually. Le Bureau de Sport also arranges events and annual competitions with the other technology universities in France, allowing more opportunities for international students to engage with French students.

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