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Jönköping University
Jönköping University

Students studying abroad at Jönköping University(JU) have a wide range of opportunities available to them to enhance their experience outside the classroom. Opportunities include:


The UW-Platteville Exchange program does not include organized excursions and activities, but students can organize independent travel on weekends and over university breaks.


JU offers a wide variety of student clubs, organizations, sports, and activities, including:

Student Clubs and Organizations

JU has an active Student Union, complete with own nightclub, Akademien. The Student Union organizes a variety of activities including movie nights, a multicultural Language Café, dinners, culture days, Quiz (Trivia) nights, and trips to destinations including the Arctic Circle, Russia, Copenhagen, and the Fjords in Norway, among other destinations. The Student Union also coordinates a buddy program for incoming international students, to help students get used to the campus and Swedish culture.  Visit the JU Student Union website here: Jonkopingsstudentkar.

Sports and Activities

In 2013, a new sports facility was built at Jönköping, which contains a sports hall, multi-purpose activity room and gym with a spinning and aerobics room. The sports facilities offer a number of group fitness classes to help you stay healthy while on exchange. There are also outdoor biking and running paths available for you to use. Located near Jönköping are also a number of smaller ski slopes, to which the International Association organizes ski outings for students. 

Learn more about student life on JU's website: Studying at Jonkoping University.

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