WUAS Cocurricular Activities

UW-Platteville Education Abroad Student
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Students studying abroad at the Windsheim University of Applied Sciences(WUAS) have a wide range of opportunities available to them to enhance their experience outside the classroom. Opportunities include:


The UW-Platteville Exchange program does not include organized excursions and activities, but students can organize independent travel on weekends and over university breaks.  The Netherlands is served by efficient, cheap public transport, which means students can see as much as they wish during weekend or break trips: Amsterdam, a popular tourist site and the capital, is only an hour from Zwolle by train. Almere, a city famous for its architecture, is only forty minutes away by train. Students in Zwolle are very involved with the city, and many popular student hang-outs offer discount pricing.


WUAS offers a wide variety of student clubs, organizations, sports, and activities, including:


WUAS believes that interaction with the host culture is one of the best ways to experience that culture. They encourage international students to participate in a student club focused around Dutch culture, or to get involved in the city. Many departments at Windesheim have their own student societies, which organize activities such as lectures, theatre outings, and club evenings.  For more information on the clubs and organizations available at WUAS, visit: http://www.windesheiminternational.nl/about-windesheim/studying-at-windesheim/student-life-in-zwolle/.


Windesheim offers excellent recreational facilities. There is a sports building with gyms, fitness rooms, a heated swimming pool, indoor football halls and a climbing wall. There is a choice of fitness or group classes like aerobics and Zumba, and a selection of team and individual sports are offered, from tennis and karate to cricket and soccer and basketball. International exchange students are offered a free membership card for one semester to encourage involvement. Zwolle, along with all the Netherlands, is advertised as a “cyclist’s paradise” because there are so many bike paths and cycling is a popular past time for local and international students.  For more information on sports and activities available at WUAS, visit: http://www.windesheiminternational.nl/about-windesheim/studying-at-windesheim/student-life-in-zwolle/.

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