Graduate School


Students interested in attending graduate school should talk with their faculty advisor about preparing to apply to graduate programs in their junior year. It is important to research different graduate programs ahead of time and find a graduate program that meets your vocational goals and educational needs.

You do not need a doctoral degree in clinical psychology to practice counseling. Most Ph.D. programs are heavily research oriented and may not be what you expected. If you are interested in becoming a counselor, you may want to consider applying to master's programs in social work or counselor education.

Tips for applying to graduate schools and a timeline are provided below. Study guides and practice manuals for the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) are available in the department office (228 Warner). Ask the program assistant about these resources.

Graduate school tips and timeline
Graduate Records Exam information
Ranking of graduate programs in psychology


The Psychology Department has agreements with two universities offering master's degrees in social work (MSWs).  These agreements allow students who have completed the coursework for the social work certificate to be exempt from several entry level courses for their MSW programs.

In particular, the Psychology Department has an agreement of equivalency with the MSW program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an articulation agreement with the MSW program at Clarke University.

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