Student shares MSOCL knowledge through the Forbes Technology Council

September 29, 2017


Kevin MackieKevin Mackie, alumnus of the Master of Science in Project Management program and a current Master of Science in Organizational Chance Leadership student, began his career as a software engineer before moving into a leadership role. He is currently a Vice President of Product Development at CA Technologies, where he has a passion for building high performing teams to build great software. Mackie, who lives in the San Francisco bay area, decided to earn his second master’s to grow as an effective change leader and to help coach other leaders, but it all started with project management.

“I took a six course sequence in project management at UC Berkeley, which served as a launch point for my master’s in project management here at UW-Platteville. As I’ve grown into larger leadership roles, I realized the majority of my job was leading change,” Mackie said. “After an amazing organizational transformation experience, I decided to learn more about the art and science of leading change by enrolling in the MSOCL program. The program starts with a great overview of change leadership and delves into a number of areas deeply in ways that are immediately applicable in real life.”

For Mackie, engaging with his instructors and classmates and hearing the different ways his fellow students synthesize and apply their knowledge has been a source of fascination and enlightenment. Similarly, he enjoys sharing the impact of his education and probing deeper into particular topics. “Every time we launch an initiative, set an organizational goal, or define a new strategy, we are leading change within the organization,” Mackie said.

To further share his knowledge, Mackie is a part of the Forbes Technology Council, which is an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives. As part of the council, Mackie engages with fellow council members and contributes to the Forbes platform to share his insights on leadership. Most recently, he wrote the article “Providing Clarity and Focus To Drive Meaningful Progress.”

In the future, Mackie is considering writing a book to help other leaders, but before he takes the next step, he offers gratitude to two program advisors. “I owe a huge thank you to my MSPM and MSOCL program advisors, Bill Haskins and Caryn Stanley. They’ve made this such a wonderful and fulfilling journey.”

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