Paleohydrology of North-Central Florida

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Paleohydrology in North-Central Florida

This project developed tree-ring chronologies from living and remnant longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) at multiple sites in north-central Florida to reconstruct hydrologic conditions including streamflow and depth to groundwater.

Funding sources: Suwanee River Water Management District, St Johns River Water Management District


  • Larson, E.R. 2017. Developing tree-ring records from remnant longleaf pine stumps in Goethe State Forest to improve hydrologic reconstructions in North-Central Florida, Final Report for Suwanee River Water Management District Contract #16/17-076. 15 pages.
  • Harley, G., Maxwell, J, Larson, E.R., Grissino-Mayer, H.D., Henderson, J., and Huffman, J. 2017. Suwannee River flow variability 1550–2005 CE reconstructed from a multispecies tree-ring network. Journal of Hydrology 544: 438–451.
  • Crockett, K., Martin, J.B., Grissino-Mayer, H.D., Larson, E.R., Mirti, T. 2010. Assessment of tree rings as a hydrologic record in a humid subtropical environment. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 46: 919–931.
Presentations (* indicates undergraduate student)
  • Grant L. Harley, Justin T. Maxwell, Evan Larson, Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, Joseph Henderson, and Jean Huffman. Suwannee River flow variability 1550–2005 CE reconstructed from a multispecies tree-ring network. The Third American Dendrochronological Conference, March 28–April 1, Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Thomas Wilding, Nicholas Flinner, Thomas Mirti, and Evan Larson. 2013. New multi-century earlywood and latewood tree-ring chronologies refine understanding of climate-growth relationships at the southern range margin of longleaf pine (Pinus palustris R. Mills). Second American Dendrochronology Conference, May 13–17, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona, Tucson.
  • Nicholas Flinner*, Thomas Wilding*, Evan R. Larson, and Tom Mirti. 2012. Developing tree-ring chronologies from old-growth longleaf pine in a subtropical climate. University of Wisconsin Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 26, UW-Parkside, Wisconsin.
  • Nicholas Flinner*, Thomas Wilding*, Evan R. Larson, Tom Mirti. 2012. Developing old-growth longleaf chronologies in a subtropical climate. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, February 24–28, New York, New York.

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