Forest Dynamics at Arctic Treeline

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Forest Dynamics at Arctic Treeline

This project investigated growth patterns and forest productivity at sites across the forest-tundra ecotone in northern Manitoba to contribute to a larger project assessing arctic landscape evolution in response to climate change.

Funding Sources: National Science Foundation ROA supplement to DEB-074323; UW-Platteville Scholarly Activity Improvement Fund


Presentations (* indicates undergraduate student)
  • Charles Umbanhowar, Evan R. Larson, William Hobbs, Mark Edlund, Philip Camill, and Christoph Geiss. 2014. Multi-scale responses to changing climate in lake and terrestrial ecosystems over the past 200 years at treeline in northern Manitoba. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 15–19, San Francisco, California.
  • Evan R. Larson. 2013. Shifting states in climate, tree growth, and ecosystem dynamics at arctic and alpine treelines. Climate, People, and Environment Program (CPEP) seminar series, UW-Madison Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research, March 25, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Rebecca Trewartha,* Sharri Valosek,* and Evan R. Larson. 2010. Dynamics of two white spruce stands in contrasting upland and lowland settings within the arctic treeline ecotone. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, April 14–18, Washington, D.C.

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