Driftless Charcoal

The Driftless Charcoal project is in the early stages of developing Holocene-scale records of fire and vegetation history for the Driftless Area, primarily from sediments deposited in oxbow lakes created by the regions many meandering streams.

Funding sources: UW-Platteville TREES Lab, UW-Platteville College of Liberal Arts and Education


Presentations (* indicates undergraduate student)
  • Ciara Miller*, Adam Donaldson*, Micah Darling*, Caleb Cizauskas*, Rebecca Hempe*, Christopher Underwood, and Evan Larson. 2017. Exploring the presence of fire as a key ecological process on Upper Midwest landscapes from past millennia to the present. 14th Annual Research in the Rotunda, April 12, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • John Eads, Christopher A. Underwood, and Evan R. Larson. 2015. A virtual journey exploring potential sites for developing a paleoecological record for the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, April 20–25, Chicago, Illinois.

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