Pillars of PEERS


Making sure that every pioneer is well equipped with the information needed to be a respectful and responsible member of society. PEERS aims to give students a chance to learn about topics such as sexual assault- how we can create a culture that is safe and takes out stigma; bystander intervention, which gives students the tools to actively live their lives and keep their friends and community safe. Finally, alcohol so that students know the safe and responsible ways to drink and party.


PEERS offers an opportunity to take the lead on campus wide programs as well as speak in classrooms to students in order to spread the education that we hope to give. We hope to help aspiring leaders come out of their shells by pairing them with leaders to learn skills of programing and public speaking so that they may soon take the lead on their own program. Thus, creating leaders who can create more leaders.

Safe campus

Say it for the people in the back! It is a known fact that students receive messages from other students more than from authority figures. PEERS is that place that students can tell other students how great and important it is to respect each other and create a culture and campus everyone wants to be at. Inclusivity is the key to PEERS and why we think it is so important that we get students to get behind the idea of being a pioneer educating and empowering responsible students.

Why you should join

Public speaking skills
Program planning
Creating a safer campus

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