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Introducing a new Power Marketing Seminar series!

Take one or several seminars and get more bang for your promotion dollars!
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engage your employees and drive business results

We offer training in a variety of styles including online, traditional classroom, and hybrid training. We offer training at your site, at UW-Platteville or several other convenient locations.

• Increase worker/manager capacity to use new technologies and methods
Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism
• Reduce accidents and equipment damage
Increase job satisfaction, motivation, and morale
• Improve productivity; plus, well-trained employees require less supervision
Gain efficiency in processes, which results in financial gain and less waste
• Enhance company image and recruitment prospects by offering on-going training

Medical Professional

We will offer the training when you need it - days, evenings, or weekends

Proper training will also result in happy, satisfied customers

Developing your staff is an ongoing process, and we would enjoy partnering with you to provide the professional development your workplace requires to stay on top.

Call Tim Noble today for a free assessment of your staff development needs.

Current Learning Opportunities

Take one or several seminars and get more bang for your promotion dollars!
Click on Power Marketing Seminars to get more information or to register.

Customized Training   NEW

Shop Worker Customized Training allows your company to benefit from quality, cost-effective training services on topics you help identify through a thorough interview process.
Our expert instructors will customize and focus the training in a way that has a strong impact on the performance improvement being sought. Customer Service
Microsoft Office Suite - Social Media Marketing -
e-Commerce Strategy - Purchasing Management -Project Management Techniques - Tools of Quality Management - Effective Workplace Communication - Workplace Safety - Effective Performance Reviews -Real Colors®

We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to develop training on nearly every topic you would request.

Click here to request additional information.

Online Learning

Online learning has proven to be an affordably quick way to provide relevant training. Employees benefit from learning new competencies which will allow them to be more effective and more engaged in the work they do for your company.  We have ready-made training in a vast array of topics through our online learning centers.

We partner with five different vendors to deliver nearly 700 online courses that are affordable, effective, and start regularly.

We can also create custom-made e-learnings
that will be specific to your company and your
industry utilizing the expertise of the
instructional designers here at UW-Platteville.

Online Partners
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Real Colors®

The best workplaces are those where the staff work together, with little conflict, to achieve common goals. Members of the team respect each other, support each other, and enjoy coming to work. We all know that this is easier said than done. We have a solution that can help move your company and your teams in that direction. Real Colors
Real Colors® training–presented in a fun, interactive format, participants learn how to quickly identify their own temperament or “color” and that of others on their team. Using this powerful knowledge will help employees develop more effective  communication skills and build better  relationships.

We have certified Real Colors® facilitators who are available to perform training at your location, at UW-Platteville, or any other location.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Tim Noble, Business Training and Development Manager, please call: 
(608) 342-1314 or (888) 281-9472

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