Adult Groups Staying Overnight

Southwest Hall hosts most adult groups. This suite-style, residence hall was built in 2006 (renovated in 2014) and is air-conditioned. The lodging rate ranges from $35-$40 per night per person. Based on arrangements, the actual rate is to be determined.  The Cooper Living and Learning Center is another option that gives a more retreat-like stay for a conference.

Youth Groups Staying Overnight

Housing rates are tiered, based on having linens and residing in an air-conditioned building or not. Linens include a washcloth, big towel, two (2) flat sheets, pillowcase, mattress pad, blanket and shower mat.

Building With Linens Without Linens
Bridgeway Commons and Rountree Commons (both air-conditioned buildings) $25/person $22/person
Cooper Living and Learning Center $25/person $22/person
Traditional Halls (not air-conditioned) $20/person $17/person

Staff Room Rate

All staff rooms (office, store and storage) and staff members acting as counselors with a camp have a preferred rate of $10 per night, no matter what building. Linens will only be provided for staff only if the campers are also receiving linens.

Additional Housing Rates

Most charges are already included in the lodging rates mentioned above. Additional charges are in place for groups requesting beyond our normal services or are replacement costs.  Costs of replacing various linens are not posted.

$9/hour/staff Additional Check-In, Check-Out, or Desk hours beyond standard services
$3.50/day/room Air-Conditioner installed into window for staff, office, or camp store
$20.00 Loss of access card or access fob
$50.00 Loss of room key

Dining Services Rates

Meals will be provided at the Pioneer Crossing on the ground level of the Markee Pioneer Student Center, and the rates are in the table below. Please note, the breakdown for meals is only used for: the date of arrival, date of departure, and pre-approved missed meals. "Pack out" meals are the same price, but just need to be picked up. If a meal is delivered, say to the Cooper Living and Learning Center, there is a $50 delivery fee.

Full meal plan $20.50/day
Breakfast $5.25
Lunch $7.50
Dinner $7.75

Additional Dining Rates

$2.00 Replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged meal card
$9/hour Additional time needed for staff

Student Centers Facilities and Services

Student Centers offers a variety of venues and services, including audiovisual and other event logistics, to meet the needs of multiple events throughout the year. Facility rental rates, equipment and service rates are available by request. See more here.

Catering Services Rates

Rates will vary based on services and menu requested. Please speak with a staff member from Catering Services to discuss your options. 

Recreation/Pioneer Activity Center Rates

Whether it's an indoor space (see more on the Pioneer Activity Center page) or an outdoor space, the rates are:

  • $300 per day rental charge for any unsponsored group (covers indoor spaces to the Williams Fieldhouse to outdoor athletic fields)
  • $50 per hour rental charge can be negotiated, depending on circumstances
  • All other outdoor spaces are no charge, but require a reservation

Conference Services Fees

An administration fee will be based on 2.5 percent of the total charges for auxiliary service areas of Residence Life, Dining Services, and recreation services.

Guaranteed Count

A guaranteed count of participants is collected two weeks before a camp. This is your expected number for the camp. Housing and Dining Services can accommodate 95–110 percent of this guaranteed number. If the actual number of participants drops below 95 percent, groups will be charged for 95 percent of the guaranteed count. If the actual number of participants is above 110 percent, the actual count will be charged, and the additional participants charged at 1.5 times the rate.


Read more about the procedures and the various rates for accident insurance on the Camps & Clinics site here.

Registration Process

All campus-sponsored camps that have properly registered their youth camp (this form), and have been approved, use the online registration process through the Office of Continuing Education (see more here).

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