Fitness Center

Recreational Spaces 

All recreational facilities, whether indoors or outdoors, require a reservation. Reservations for those spaces are made through the Conference Services office. Williams Fieldhouse and Pioneer Activity Center indoor facilities include basketball, volleyball, racquetball, track, and a weight room. Individuals must be over the age of 18 to use the weight room. The indoor Pioneer Activity Center facilities have a standard fee of $3/day per participant. Hours for indoor facilities are limited, and must be reserved ahead of time. There is a $300.00 per day rental charge for any unsponsored group planning to use the facility. Other recreation opportunities maybe available, and information will be given upon request.

Outdoor Facilities

Soccer, softball, volleyball, and track are available outdoor options, with limited hours. The standard fee of $3/day per participant applies for the use of the new outdoor track.

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