Five facts UW-Platteville grads should know about their accounts

May 15, 2017

One of the most popular questions we get from future graduates at the ITS Help Desk is, “Will I have access to my account after I graduate?”

Fact #1: You will have access to your UW-Platteville account for 10 months following graduation.

This allows plenty of time to transition to a new email address and download any files you have saved in your J-drive and/or OneDrive.  You will receive an automatic reminder 30 days prior to the account being disabled.

Fact #2: Though you have graduated, the Acceptable Use Policy for university resources still applies.  Meaning, you may not use your campus account to run a business, among other things.

Fact #3: Your account will remain active for 18 months after it is disabled, which means it will still receive mail even though you can no longer access the account. 

Before the account is disabled, we recommend you set an auto-reply stating you are no longer at UW-Platteville or setting up a forward to another account.  NOTE: If you choose to forward your campus mail, you will receive all university mail sent to you as well as the student body, e.g. Campus Updates.

Fact #4: You will have access to your free Microsoft licenses as long as your account is active; Microsoft will remove your access after your campus account is disabled.

NOTE: Microsoft determines exactly when software access expires and may do so without notice; UW-Platteville has no control over the exact date of software expiration.

Before you graduate, you may want to check out the WISC Software Catalog (includes Microsoft) and On The Hub (includes Adobe) to purchase software at discounted prices. This software is only available to purchase while you are an active student.

Fact #5: Full details on student account provisioning are posted for your convenience in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Best of luck, Pioneers! If at any time you have questions about this account information, please feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or


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