Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award

May 15, 2017
Lynette Dornak

Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Teaching and Technology Center (TTC) are pleased to announce the recipient of the first Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award.  Lynnette Dornak’s (Assistant Professor, Geography), project entitled Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox for 3D conceptualization of geographic concepts, had not only a high level of innovation, but also the greatest potential to affect student learning. Dornak, who has been a member of the UW-Platteville community since 2014, specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Biogeography, Species Distributions, Spatial Analysis, and Remote Sensing. She proposed the project with natural sciences classes in mind; however, the innovative technology has potential to enhance student learning in other domains.

The Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox combines 3D visualization and real‐time mapping with a simple sandbox. As the user reforms the surface of the sand, a camera and projector (both suspended above the sandbox) capture those changes and conceptualizes the surface into a 3D elevation color map with topographic contour lines and simulated water.   This technology will allow faculty to explore new ways to challenge the critical and creative thinking and reasoning skills of the students.  The AR Sandbox will also enable students to develop and test hypotheses based on the construction or erosion of topographic features.

The Innovations in Technology for Teaching and Learning award program provides faculty and teaching academic staff with funds to purchase technology with the potential to improve teaching and learning. All full-time UW-Platteville faculty and teaching academic staff are eligible and invited to submit proposals.  ITS and TTC will be requesting proposals again in the fall. 

Thank you to all the faculty and teaching academic staff that submitted projects. 

See a video demonstration from UCLA

UCLAs Augmented Reality Sandbox


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