Implementation of Compass

In fall 2016, the university joined the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative. The Student Success Collaborative (SSC) membership includes access to research, process improvement, and predictive analytics along with the Compass platform. For more information about SSC, visit EAB's website. UW-Platteville joined the SSC in an effort to create a student experience that results in higher retention and graduation rates.

What is Compass?

Compass is a student success platform that includes a wide range of functionality to help academic leaders, faculty and professional advisors, and student support offices identify students who might benefit from additional academic support. The system provides tools for identifying these students, connecting them with resources as early as possible, and following up with ongoing contact in order to improve all students’ pathways to a degree.

In Fall 2017, a pilot group of academic advisors will use the Compass platform to communicate with their advisees and track their progress.  In addition, the Academic Intervention Team will use the platform to help design and carry out at least six proactive campaigns for targeted student populations.  The goal is to use the information provided by Compass to more accurately assess student risk and deliver differentiated care to reach more students effectively. 
In addition, academic department chairs will be reviewing institutional reports within the platform to develop success markers and other predictive analytics to help identify academic risks earlier.

How can Compass Help Academic Advisors?

The Compass platform is designed to collect information vital for a student’s success within easy reach of that student’s support network.

Compass features include:

  • An easy to navigate home screen for each student, the provides a 30-second check of significant information including GPA trends, course completion trends, overview of D/F/W and repeated courses.
  • Advance searching capabilities to fine-tune a list of students by a variety of filters (e.g. students within a particular GPA range, students who are enrolled in a particular course, or those who have completed a particular number of credits).  This allows advisors to quickly identify which of their advisees might need specific information or support from them, such a reminder to enroll in a foundational course for the major, or referral for academic coaching or tutoring.
  • Electronic record-keeping, including advising reports that can be shared with other members of the student’s support network and/or transferred with that student to a new advisor.
  • Enhanced communication capabilities to aid in advisement appointment scheduling and follow-up.

Compass: Get Involved

How can I get involved?

For more information about Compass, or to volunteer for the pilot phase of the project, please contact Karen McLeer, Director of Retention and Academic Support ( or 608.342.1081)

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