Meet Adam Frieden

March 28, 2017

Adam Frieden joined ITS Support Services in December 2016 as a support specialist/liaison. As support liaison for the College of BILSA, Adam assists faculty and staff from Industrial Studies, Agriculture, and Biology with technology-related planning and decision-making. This includes everything from whether it’s time to purchase new computers during the current buy period to whether a department computer lab needs software upgrades to submitting a major request for the IT Prioritizations process.

Adam appreciates the variety and opportunity working for ITS affords. “ITS is different every day, which keeps things interesting.  It allows me to continue to learn new things and apply critical thinking skills to help troubleshoot issues.  Doing this allows me to help the user and helps me in the future to assist faster as I learn more and more.  As technology changes it provides more opportunities to learn and grow.”

Despite the variety, Adam’s basic troubleshooting strategy is quite familiar. “If everything has power but you are having issues, restart.  If something doesn’t have power, check all physical connections.”

When not at work, Adam unplugs by spending time with his wife Megan, their 2-year-old daughter Lennon, and their dogs.

Join us in welcoming Adam to the UW-Platteville family!

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