Future of Advising Project

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What is the Future of Advising project?

The Future of Advising Project came from a desire to better understand the advising experiences of students, faculty, and staff. Thank you to all who provided input and insight through the many surveys, focus groups, and interviews which took place in Spring 2017. Throughout Fall 2017, students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to engage with the findings from the Current State of Advising Executive Summary and Report and provide input on what should be done with these findings. The path for the future of advising has not been chosen. Everyone's participation is needed as we move forward together to define and develop a model for advising that best serves everyone involved.

Learn More about the current state of Advising

Read the Current State of Advising Executive Summary and Report. (Appendices also available)

Watch the following video highlighting key findings about the current state of advising. This presentation was originally given at the Future of Advising Engagement Session #1 held on August 24, 2017.  Data shared in this presentation is shared in more detail in the full report linked above.


How can you participate and offer input?

Attend a Future of Advising Engagement Session.
Three engagement sessions are being held over the course of the fall semester. These sessions will be largely discussion based and all feedback will be shared on this website.

  • COMPLETED: Engagement Session #1: Thursday, 8/24/17 at 1:00-4:00 p.m. in Nohr. Refreshments provided.
    • Description: Will include a presentation with an overview of the findings and recommendations. Small and large group discussions will focus on the themes and conclusion one from the Current State of Advising Executive Summary.
  • Engagement Session #2: Tuesday, 9/19/17 at 8:30-10:00 a.m., MPSC Platteville Rooms
    • Description: This session will focus on discussing a campus-wide advising mission and potential student learning outcomes.
  • Engagement Session #3: Wednesday, 10/25/17 at 2:30-4:00 p.m., MPSC Platteville Rooms
    • Description: This engagement session will focus on Theme #3 from the Current State of Advising Report. Theme #3 recommends that "expectations and outcomes for advising need to be clearly articulated at all levels." Questions to be considered include: What are the basic expectations of an advisor? What is the responsibility of the university to support advisors? What are the expectations of students during the advising process? How do students learn these expectations?

Provide feedback online.
The online form is available here. Once submitted, this feedback goes to Victoria Livingston, Coordinator of Co-Curricular Assessment and Program Review, who will remove any identifying details. Anonymized feedback will be compiled and shared on this webpage.


What will happens once Phase 2 is complete?

While the Future of Advising Project Team will officially conclude their work after collecting and summarizing all of the feedback received during the Fall 2017 semester, a group of individuals will be tasked with determining next steps for moving forward. In addition, the final recommendations will be submitted to the Faculty, Academic Staff, and Student Senates for consideration. See the project timeline.

Future of Advising - Project Team

Project Team

College of BILSA
Jodi McDermott
Les Hollingsworth

College of EMS
Anne-Marie Lerner

College of LAE
Travis Nelson

Enrollment and Student Success
Kia Hendrickson
Victoria Livingston
Karen McLeer
Sherry Nevins

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