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March 15, 2017


“College is the best four years of your life!” Thousands of college graduates have said this sentence across the country. You’ve probably heard a parent, sibling or family friend tell you all the fun things they did in college like eating pounds of food at their dining hall, going to sporting events, hanging out late with friends or the enduring finals week. What they might not tell you about are the struggles that they encountered through their college career or the resources that their campus had to offer to help them through the tough times. Here at UW-Platteville, support is not hard to find! We have offices filled with staff members ready to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

For some people, bridging the gap between high school and college doesn’t come as naturally as they’d hoped. For students who identify as first-generation, are income-eligible, based on taxable income level, or a student with a documented disability, Student Support Services is the place for you! Student Support Services is a federally funded TRiO program. They offer a variety of FREE services to help students become successful! For students who qualify, they have one-on-one tutoring, workshops, advising assistance that help with tasks such as enrolling in classes, choosing a major and goal setting. They have academic support to help with test anxiety, note taking, computer skills and much more as well as financial services that help you complete your FAFSA and finding scholarships.

Another office on campus that can help with academic success is Academic Support Programs. The mission of Academic Support Programs is “to equip students for academic success by providing innovative learning strategies and connections to campus resources.” This is another program on campus where most services are FREE! I personally utilized and worked for this office throughout my college career, and I definitely owe my success to the support I found here. Within Academic Support Programs, there are a several different avenues of help. Writing Center, Tutoring Services, Peer-Assisted Learning, Academic Coaching can all be found under the umbrella.

The Writing Center is here to help students at all stages of the writing process with anything that has to do with writing! This one-on-one peer tutoring is a great resource to get help with writing such as resumes/cover letters, scholarship essays, lab reports, English papers or quick help with formatting or citations. Letting someone else look at your paper may be a little nerve-racking at first, but it’s always beneficial to have another set of eyes look over a paper before you turn it in!

Students can find help becoming involved with campus programming, with time and planner management skills, and how to build connections with their professors with the help of an academic coach. This service is also one-on-one and can be utilized as much as you want! You can make an appointment to see a coach once or twice a week for the entire semester; it’s up to you and your needs!

Another great resource to utilize is Tutoring Services and Peer Assisted Learning. These two services work together to support you in classes such as chemistry, Spanish, math, biology, history and much more! These services are one-on-one as well as group tutoring and help to improve comprehension of course material, become active, independent learners and to learn how to effectively use specific study and learning strategies. All tutors are also peers, which can relieve some of the tension or anxiety of having to go to a professor with every question you may have.

University Counseling Services is the leader in mental health counseling on campus. All sessions are confidential and “assist students with personal, social, developmental, academic, or career concerns related to their education progress, personal growth, and general well-being.” In addition to the counseling sessions, the office provides information and activities regarding wellness such has daily living tips, meditation and mindfulness. They even have a Zen zone that’s full of comfy furniture, a fountain, aromatherapy, coloring books, prayer rugs and much more!

If there’s one thing you should know when coming to UW-Platteville is that you’re not alone! There are so many resources here to make sure that you are successful and truly enjoy your time here, so take control of your college career and your personal development and advantage of it!

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