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February 21, 2017


Part of the traditional college experience includes living in the residence halls. Prior to working in Admission at UW-Platteville, I worked as a student in Residence Life at UW-Stout for three years. This means I lived in a traditional style residence hall for four years, and I can honestly tell you I wouldn’t trade it for the world! There are so many advantages to living on campus; ranging from social to academic. In fact, Louisiana State University published information that showed that students living on their campus had a higher GPA than those who were living off campus, they had higher graduation rates and the retention rates were much higher for students living on campus between their freshman and sophomore years. Here at UW-Platteville, we require students to live on campus for their first two years but encourage students to stay living with us as long as they are enrolled. We have a variety of living arrangements that include 13 different facilities ranging from traditional halls to suite style apartments and a unique opportunity to live on the farm. Students may also choose to participate in a living learning community or residence life interest community among peers with similar academic and/or co-curricular interests.

All of these halls are great options for students! Most new freshmen choose to live in a traditional style hall and speaking from experience, these are some of the greatest moments. You have the opportunity to meet so many unique individuals and some of the best friendships are formed from these early interactions. Whether it’s your roommate or some people across the hall, you will meet a variety of people that will help shape your college experience. Of course we have all heard the stories of “The Awful Random Roommate”, but that rarely happens thanks to the personality assessment that students take while completing the e-contract. In fact, most roommate situations are positive. You do not need to be best friends with your roommate, you simply need to be able to talk and make compromises in order to make it work. Respect and civility go a long way when living in the residence halls.

Living on campus helps you learn a lot about yourself and about others. You have the opportunity to get involved in a lot of fun activities! You can join groups like RHA- Residence Hall Association, NRHH- National Residence Hall Honorary and Hall Involvement Teams and these are all designed to keep life in the halls fun, interesting and safe! These organizations have hosted a variety of events including study sessions before finals, attending regional and national conferences, Penny Drives for local charities, cookie decorating and so much more!

Living on-campus is truly a “Once In A Lifetime” experience! When you go in with an open-mind, the opportunities will be endless. Open yourself up to trying new things and you never know what you may learn or who you may meet. If you have questions about living on-campus, reach out to the Department of Residence Life, they are always willing to help you explore the world of living on-campus!

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