Institutional Accreditation Committee

The Institutional Accreditation Committee oversees and guides the comprehensive processes required to maintain UW-Platteville's accreditation status with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), including:

  • HLC Policies and Process:
    • Staying current with respect to policies, requirements, and processes for maintaining UW-Platteville's institutional accreditation relationship with the HLC;
    • Assisting the ALO in monitoring the institution for changes that may require HLC notification or approval and supporting campus personnel in filing appropriate documentation;
    • Ensuring that required documentation and reports are submitted on time to the HLC, including annual institutional updates and the comprehensive assurance argument required in Years 4 and 10 of the accreditation cycle.
  • Continuous improvement:
    • Ensuring that issues for improvement identified in institutional comprehensive reviews in Years 4 and 10 of the review cycle are addressed and documented by the appropriate entities on campus;
    • Advising campus leadership and governance bodies on topics and/or areas of improvement that may impact the university's accreditation;
    • Providing internal and external communication, education, and support to the campus community regarding the processes of accreditation, including maintaining the university's accreditation website.
  • Support for Open Pathway Processes:
    • Establishing sub-committees as needed to address specific requirements in maintaining the accreditation relationship;
    • Identifying, managing, and submitting digital evidence files to the HLC's electronic Assurance System;
    • Ensuring that interim reports on issues for improvement identified in the Year 4 and/or Year 10 comprehensive review are completed and submitted appropriately;
    • Providing support to the Quality Initiative required in Years 7–9 of the accreditation cycle, including submitting required documentation and reports;
    • Planning and participating in the comprehensive site visit federal compliance review that occurs during Year 10 of the accreditation cycle.

Current membership

Dominic Barraclough

Dr. Dominic Barraclough, HLC Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), Chair

Dr. Sharon Klavins

Dr. Sharon Klavins, Past Accreditation Liaison Officer

Dr. Laura Anderson

Dr. Laura Anderson, Faculty Governance Representative

John Schliesmann

John Schliesmann, Institutional Research Representative

Victorial Livingston

Victoria Livingston, Co-Curricular Representative

Denise LaBudda, Federal Compliance Representative

Lisa Krueger, Accreditation Support

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