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January 12, 2017

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Getting Involved in College

Students hear it all the time: get involved. What does this mean? What benefits come from participating in extracurricular activities? For students at UW-Platteville, it means finding a group of like-minded individuals who participate in activities to further their social, academic, or leadership skills. Through our Pioneer Involvement Center, there are over 200 clubs and organizations to join! The PIC is “dedicated to student development and involvement through creating/promoting cultural, educational, social, recreational, and governance opportunities”, so the sky is the limit!

Studies show that the more students are involved, the more satisfied they are with their college experience. As a student, I volunteered as the manager for the men’s basketball team, participated in intramural volleyball and basketball (my basketball team won its league senior year, no big deal!), was part of Circle K International (a community service organization), and Kappa Delta Pi (an international honor society), just to name a few. Each of these organizations taught me collaboration, teamwork, dedication, and showed me that I was capable of being successful inside and out of the classroom.

The involvement options are endless at UW-Platteville! Clubs range from the Society of Automotive Engineers (who build and compete with Baja Racecars and snowmobiles) to the Ballroom Dance Club to Student Governance or working with our campus radio or TV stations. Musically talented? We have a marching band, pep band, and orchestra. Like robots? Join the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Team! We have a nationally ranked Paintball Team as well as hockey, lacrosse, and rugby. UW-Platteville is also home to FFA at the collegiate level.

I remember how tired I felt at the end of a long day of class and studying. Going to a meeting or an event was the last thing on my mind. Looking back now, I’m glad I did. Going above and beyond your duties in the classroom will teach you time management and organizational skills; you’ll also meet a lot of really great students and professors.

My advice: If you’re interested in a club or organization reach out to the president or advisor to see when meetings take place. Visit the PIC located in the Markee Pioneer Student Center or walk through the Organization Fair held each fall where students promote their clubs. You can also view all campus extracurriculars through the PioneerLink at 3 out of 4 students on campus participate in a club or organization. Make sure you are one of these students gaining great experiences and new friendships by getting involved.

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