A dream 20 years in the making

October 6, 2016
Abir Chakraborty visiting our ISCM booth at APICS 2015
In 2015, Chakraborty presented on customer relationship management at an international conference to share the knowledge he gained in the workforce and in the ISCM program.


When he was in high school, Abir Chakraborty aspired to study in the United States. Although his advisor told him the process could be challenging, Chakraborty was determined to turn his dream into a reality. The road was not always easy, but he followed his passion and graduated from the Integrated Supply Chain Management program at UW-Platteville in 2014.

“It was a lot of struggle for me in the following years to continue education, maintain job, save money and keep the dream alive,” Chakraborty said. “Fast-forward 20 years — I was standing at the podium at Platteville on commencement day to receive the degree. Well, it took me 20 years, and I was very happy at that moment, I felt accomplished.”

Before moving to the U.S., he completed his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India and secured a job in the tech field. As his career progressed, Chakraborty saw supply chain management as a growing field — and as a new opportunity to achieve his dream.

“After spending many years in technology, I was in search of a meaningful application of technology to different business functions. I found that supply chain is such a diverse area where there are ample opportunities to learn and innovate new things,” Chakraborty said. “I was looking for a part-time program, which was modern, accredited, offered by a reputed institute, and affordable. The ISCM program at UW-Platteville was the perfect fit for me.”

Chakraborty now works as a Senior Supply Chain Specialist for a consumer packaging company based in Los Angeles, California, and said he continues to apply the lessons he learned in the program. He still values his education very highly, and ever since leaving his graduation ceremony has felt a responsibility to share the he gained knowledge with others.

“I stopped somewhere on the way, got out of the car, and sat on the curb of the road. I looked at the road that goes to Platteville, and I realized that the dream I was chasing for last 20 years was behind me. Then I looked at the other side of the road towards Chicago and found my next goal: to help students by sharing knowledge,” Chakraborty said. “I understood that it was not about the degree but the journey and the quest for learning that kept me going. My dream had no significance by itself, but it created hope and means to live my life.”

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