2016-17 Leadership Academy

2016-17 Leadership Academy Members

Major Components:

- Seven sessions thoroughout the academic year providing a core curriculum on leadership and higher education literacy
- Development of an institutional emerging leaders cohort
- Peer coaching and mentoring component
- Creation of an individualized professional development plan
- Applied learning


- Build trust and respect amongst participants to enhance learning and increase the cohesiveness of a cohort of leaders on campus
- Build confidence and leadership credibility for each participant
- Learn teamwork and apply learning through an action project
- Expand participant understanding of the entire University and its role and relationship with the community
- Increase participants' decision-making and the ability to maintain "university-wide" perspective
- Be an effective communicator (both speaking and listening) and to readily engage in "crucial conversations"
- See oneself as playing a major role in contributing to an inclusive, positive culture at UW-Platteville
- Increase self-awareness and actively work to improve and deploy strategies


- Trust, Respect and Teamwork
- Decision-Making in Complex Systems
- Cultural Competency
- Communication in the Workplace
- Change Management
- Ethics and Servant Leadership
- High Engagement Leader

List of Participants: 

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Adam Hess
Amanda Trewin
Andrew (AJ) Paulus
Bandara Gamini
Bill (D.W.) Haskins
Bryan Mulligan
Chris Frayer
David Heimerdinger
Erin Edgington
Geri Zauche
Herb Reichelt
Hollie Moore
Jaclyn Esqueda
Jeff Watson
Jennifer Artz
Jonathan Brown
Laura Franklin
Lindsay Dietmeier
Lisa Roh
Sally Mergen
Soma Chattopadhyay
Tera Montgomery
Valerie Stackman
Wendy Pothour-Miller

2015-16 Participants

Ann Bauer-Leffler
Clinton Nemitz
Donna Anderson
Frank King
Greg Bies
James Hibbard
Josh Savoy
Kari Hill
Linda Klein
Liz Kruse
Margaret Sutter
Matt Zielinski
Mike Ernst
Patricia Pothour
Pete Davis
Tammy Salmon Stephens
Tim Zauche
Trapper Mitchel
Victoria Livingston
Will Hoyer

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