Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence

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The Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence program is focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Within this major, you will gain competence and confidence to teach STEM-integrated content. As a graduate of this program, you will be better equipped to teach project based learning in the content areas of mathematics and science as well as to integrate STEM concepts into other classes like social studies and English.

To earn your degree you will need to complete your general education courses, teaching courses for elementary education and middle level, minor requirements, and student teaching. The 18-week student teaching placements will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your teaching skills. Typically, two nine-week placements in different grade levels are completed. This program will allow you to meet the requirements for teaching first through eighth grade, with licensure in middle childhood-early adolescence education for the state of Wisconsin.

You will engage in three field experiences where you can apply your knowledge and skills. Your field experience will include:

  • An elementary literacy program that prepares future reading teachers.
  • An 80-hour intensive practicum in a classroom that corresponds with your minor.
  • A two-week intensive interdisciplinary practicum that will prepare you for student teaching.


English/Language Arts
Natural Science
Social Studies

Review the degree requirements and courses available for the Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence program, and download the program check-sheet.

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