Professional Development - FAQs


Q.  How can I find information on our employee assistance program (EAP)?

A.  Please click on this link or on the button on the Human Resources home page.  Please sign in using your username and password to learn more about EAP.

Q.  How do I find out about HR events, payroll dates and HR-related deadlines on campus?

A.  On the Human Resources home page, please click on the Events tab.  This will tell you about all of the HR events as well as paydates and deadlines for employees and supervisors.

Q.  How do I register for an event?  Why do I have to register?

A.  Click on the event name and that will take you to the registration page (if required).   Registration is required for many events so we can plan for food (if applicable) and prepare the number of materials needed for the presentation.  If we don't have enough participants signed up, the event may be cancelled.

Q.  I received a compliance training notice for Title IX.  Why do I need to complete this and does this cost me money?  How long will it take?

A.  The Title IX Compliance training is a federally required training for all active employees, including student workers.  There is no cost to the employee.  This training takes about 45-90 minutes to complete. 
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