Meet Tom Covert

May 13, 2016

In July 2016 Tom Covert, a senior systems administrator on the Systems and Infrastructure team in ITS, will celebrate 19 years on the job (not counting the two years he spent working at the Help Desk as a student Pioneer).  He began as distributed support for the College of BILSA in 1997 and then moved on to systems administration in 2010, becoming responsible for managing and maintaining ImageNow, License Management, and the Event Management System, amongst others.

After all this time and technical experience, Tom says it’s the people who keep him here.  “I like the interaction with the end users; people are what make Information Technology worth doing.” He particularly appreciates the unique environment UW-Platteville provides. “The diversity of all the people, states, and nations that are represented here, you don’t find [that] in a lot of other jobs in this area.”

When he’s not at work, you are likely to find Tom in one of two places – at home with his wife and dogs or at the fire station.  Tom serves as an assistant chief on the Platteville fire department and has been a firefighter since 1992.  He has been teaching fire science through Southwest Wisconsin Technical College since 2000. 

Tom’s biggest loves (outside of his family, of course) are his dogs, “two Norwegian Elkhounds and a Lab mix that all own my heart.  Regardless of good times or bad, my dogs always have time to listen to me, and never judge.”



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