Campus Climate Survey


This survey will provide UW-Platteville with information, analysis, and recommendations as they relate to campus climate. It will be used in conjunction with other data to provide UW-Platteville with an inclusive view of the campus and a system-wide review.


UW-Platteville will add to its knowledge base with regard to how constituent groups currently feel about campus climate and how the community responds to those groups (e.g. pedagogy, curricular issues, professional development, inter-group/intra group relations, and respect issues).

UW-Platteville will use the results of the assessment to inform current/ongoing work regarding diversity (e.g. Inclusive Excellence, Access to Success Initiative, Equity Scorecard, BCSSE, NSSE, HERI).

Survey Results

Results for the Campus Climate Survey can be accessed by clicking on the files below.

Contact Information

Anyone who would like more information about the background of the Campus Climate Survey may contact Donita Cartmill, Chair of the Inclusive Excellence Committee, at

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