Special High School

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Special - High School

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville allows high school students to participate in any of the following three programs providing they meet the requirements for entry, receive necessary approval from their full time school district of attendance and availability.


In order to be considered as special - high school, students must comply with the following:

  • Each high school student aspiring to attend university classes may take three semester credits per semester. Certain students may elect to take up to, but no more than, six semester credits per semester upon the approval of the Office of Admission. It is to be understood that each high school student wishing to attend classes at UW-Platteville must reapply each semester.
  • All students must also have the sanction of the high school principal or counselor, submitted in writing to the Office of Admission.
  • Seniors: Must be in the top 50 percent of graduating class OR have a minimum composite score of 22 ACT or 1110 SAT.
  • Juniors: Must be in the upper 10 percent of the class or have scored in the top 10 percent in one or more of the nationally recognized admission examinations (ACT, SAT I).

Youth Options 

Youth Options is an opportunity for students in grades 11 and 12 who are currently enrolled in a Wisconsin public high school to attend a Wisconsin postsecondary institution for the purpose of taking one or more courses for high school and college credit.

Course Options

This is a part of the 2013-15 Wisconsin State Budget which allows students enrolled in Wisconsin public school districts to attend up to two courses at a time in a variety of educational institutions.

High School Special Students

High School Special Students are currently enrolled in high school and apply to UW-Platteville for concurrent coursework.

special high school application Process


Deadline to submit the UW System E-app for Youth/Course Options and High School Special Students:

  • May 15 for upcoming summer term
  • June 1 for upcoming fall term
  • December 1 for upcoming spring term


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