Q.  How is sick leave earned for University Staff?

A.  Each bi-weekly pay period, 100% employees earn 5 hours.  Employees who work less than 100%, the earned amount of sick leave is pro-rated.

Q.  How is sick leave reported?

A.  Sick leave is reported in quarter-hour or hourly increments.  Absence requests are done on My UW System (Employee Portal) under the Time and Absence section.  Click on Enter Absence.

Q.  When it is appropriate to use sick leave?

A.  Sick leave can be used for personal illness, injury, pregnancy and bereavement. 

Q.  Can sick leave be used if there is a death in my immediate family?

A.  Yes.  This is referred to as bereavement leave.  Excluding travel time, this is generally 3 days.  The time may be extended, with the approval of the institution's appointing authority or designee. 

Immediate family member is considered to be:  employee's spouse, parents and children of an employee, an employee's and employee's spouse's immediate family members, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and their spouses, children over the age of 18 and their spouses, and any other relative who resides in the same household as the employee.

Q.  What benefit does sick leave provide at retirement?

A.  At retirement your accrued sick leave days, converted into hours, are multiplied by your highest basic pay rate with the University or state converted into an hourly rate of pay. The resulting amount of "sick leave credits" will pay your state group health insurance premium cost during your retirement years. 

The rate of pay used for purposes of the sick leave conversion is the highest hourly rate of pay received as a state employee. 

If you have 15 or more years of University service, additional supplemental sick leave credits are added to the balance, based on your years of service and program maximums.

Q.  Do I lose accumulated sick leave not used by the end of the year?

A.  No.  Sick leave that is earned and not used during the year is carried over from year to year.

Q:  What is Banked Leave (Sabbatical) and I am qualified?

A:  The University Staff (Classified) Annual Leave Conversion is an opportunity to make a choice on unused annual leave (current year vacation). Based on eligibility, classified employees can bank annual leave in a banked leave account, receive cash, or a combination of both.

Eligibility requirements:
- Annual (Vacation) leave earning rate of 160, 176, or 184 hours may elect to convert not more than 40 hours.
- Annual (Vacation) leave earning rate of 200 hours may elect to convert not more than 80 hours of which not more than 40 may be paid in cash.
- Annual (Vacation) leave earning rate of 216 hours may elect to convert not more than 120 hours of which not more than 40 may be paid in cash.
- Employees with less than the 160 hour rate of vacation may elect to receive not more than 40 hours if they have accumulated at least 520 hours of sick leave at any time during employee's continuous state service.

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