Faculty and Staff Mentoring

Faculty and Staff Mentors

The DRIVEN Scholars Program utilizes a comprehensive advising model to promote academic success for underrepresented minority students.  DRIVEN Scholars participate in intensive cohort-based activities over four years. Individually, students are encouraged to meet yearly milestones for student engagement and successful learning.  Benefits to students include formal assignment of an auxiliary advisor, priority access to events and activities, connections to scholarships,  awards and internships, and mentorship opportunities.

The purpose of Faculty/Staff mentoring is to provide support and encouragement to students of color through facilitated relationships.  Your participation will help our sophomore DRIVEN Scholars achieve success and satisfaction as members of our academic community, while maintaining high rates of retention.  We intend for these one-on-one relationships to enhance the academic and social experience of students of color who contribute to diversity on campus.

Objectives of our Faculty/Staff Mentor Program include:

•Enabling students to hear and learn about academics and life from the accumulated wisdom of our faculty and staff;

• Helping students develop the personal confidence to make their unique contribution to the academic and social life of UW-Platteville;

•Giving students insight into the challenges and rewards of higher education during and after their UW-Platteville careers, including the possibility of earning a doctorate and teaching on the college level; and

•Further increasing student satisfaction with their education.

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