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The College of BILSA is always trying to balance forward-looking actions with managing its day-to-day affairs. Below you will find the guiding policies, procedures and forms to manage that balance and respond to the needs of our various stakeholders.

Strategic and Mission Focus

Read BILSA’s Strategic Plan to see where we’re going

Learn more about how BILSA operates from our Constitution and Bylaws

See how Committees manage the ongoing operations of the College

Meet the BILSA Leadership team

View the Table of Organization to learn about the structure of the college


Internal Policies, Procedures, and Forms

The university relies on a number of groups for policy-setting and guidance. Explore the groups below to learn more.

University Rank, Salary and Tenure Committee sets policies for the faculty peer review process.

College Compensation Committee deliberates on the distribution of faculty compensation.

Academic Staff Evaluation Forms and Procedures guide the development of both instructional and non-instructional academic staff.

Apply for the BILSA undergraduate research (URCE) grant.

BILSA values professional development. Learn about the guidelines and complete the application.

Learn how BILSA recognizes and awards outstanding achievement among its faculty and staff

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