UW‐Platteville Participation Policy

Due to increased federal regulations, UW‐Platteville is required to verify that all enrolled students are participating in courses prior to the census date of each semester. The census date will be set each semester by the university.

Online students will be required to demonstrate participation by completing the UW-Platteville Participation Policy discussion in each of their courses prior to the census date. Students who do not complete the introduction will be administratively dropped from each course in which the participation policy is not met. To clarify which discussion to post in please follow the Participation Policy guide.

Standard term print-based students must complete a course attendance requirement by the census date of the semester of enrollment.  This assignment is sent to the student at the time they register and again with course materials.  The Distance Learning Center must receive this assignment by the census date for EACH course enrolled or the student will be dropped from their course(s).

There are financial consequences if a student is dropped, including the potential loss of aid eligibility. Any financial aid funds disbursed to their student account or refunded to the student must be returned by the University to the U.S. Department of Education. Students will be responsible for the balance due on their account as a result of this action. Students not using financial aid may be eligible for a refund. Information regarding refunds can be viewed in the Drop/Refund Agreements.

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