“Meditation is simplicity itself. It’s about stopping and being present. That is all.” said Jon Kabat-Zinn. Meditation is a mind-body awareness practice. An analogy can be made with a radio dial. The static represents the countless daily thoughts and sensations that preoccupy us. Meditation is the tool that fine-tunes the dial (the mind) so we can experience balance and harmony in the midst of the many changes happening around us.

Forms of Meditation

Filling the mind. Direct attention toward a word, sound, image, prayer, object, or the breath. During this time, you are trying to remain present rather than letting your thoughts drive to the past or the future. To remain present, it may be helpful to focus on the senses and answer the following questions: “I hear____, I see___, I feel ___, I smell___, I taste___.”

Emptying the mind. Focus on nothing. If your mind wanders, notice the thought and then let it go. Allow thoughts to come and go freely, and focus your attention over and over again on emptiness.

• Meditation while sitting (zazan)

Movement meditation. Since some people find it difficult to sit still for a prolonged period of time, activities such as yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, and walking meditation are other ways to move the body while meditating.

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