Rocky start can't stop success

February 19, 2015
Linda Moser


By her own admission, Linda Moser’s time with Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership program got off to a rocky start.

“Here I was in my first two courses and because I wasn’t familiar with the learning management system, I ended up starting ten days late,” Moser said. “It certainly wasn’t a good feeling, but I was determined I was going to make an impression. I worked hard and fought my way back to an A in one class and an A-in the other. It felt good to really earn those first grades.”

Overcoming technical challenges was a big part of why Moser joined the DEL program. As a high school teacher, she saw the potential of using technology in the classroom but didn’t know where to start. Now, Moser will be graduating in May 2015 and has many of the tools necessary to help her students succeed.

“Two short years ago I did not believe in online education, but knew technology had a role to play” Moser said. “Now I am definitely an advocate, especially for blended learning at the high school level. I work in a small school and I think adding a lot of the technology components I’ve learned about will help me reach more students and really give them the individualized help they need.”

Moser’s students aren’t the only ones to benefit, either. Moser has shared her experience with many of her co-workers and the school administration in hopes of encouraging more blended learning opportunities.  Moser also felt her degree would give her a wider array of job opportunities in the future. No matter where she goes, she is confident her master’s degree will benefit her along the way.

“During the program, I met so many people from so many career paths,” Moser said. “It really impressed on me that distance learning is everywhere. It has major impacts on education, industry — everywhere.  Previously, I would not have considered a job in administration, but now I hope to create my own path promoting distance learning at the high school level and beyond.”

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