Serving those who serve

July 23, 2014
Shaina Hyman


Shaina Hyman wanted to pursue a career in criminal justice for the same reason many others do: to help people. Although her initial focus was on victims of crime, she’s now concerned about the officers who vow to protect and serve those victims.

“I want to become a personal trainer for officers and design a program for them that considers their chaotic schedules, required fitness skill level, self-defense training, and any other physical skills that an officer may need on duty,” Hyman said.

Fitness has always been Hyman’s passion, from weightlifting and cardio to mixed martial arts and fitness pole dancing. While she completes her degree, Hyman works at a gym and is also in the process of starting her own business providing horseback riding lessons. She has been riding and training horses since she was four years old.

Hyman is also concerned about officers’ overall health. “I want to consider the lifestyles that officers live and use that to help guide them to healthier eating habits. If officers are healthier and better conditioned, then they are able to better protect society,” she said.

After overcoming severe depression as a college freshman, Hyman was able to finish the year and is now excelling in her degree program. “Shaina is one of the most dedicated students I've had the privilege to work with. She works hard to make sure she's getting the most out of all of her classes. She's going to do great things after graduation!” said Kalyn Williams, BSCJ advisor.

Hyman thanks her advisor and Instructor Gary Apperson for her success. “Kalyn goes above and beyond what she needs to when I have a question or a problem. And Professor Apperson genuinely cares about his students as individuals. He helps prepare students for any further education and provides real-world career perspective.”

Hyman’s new path will be sure to lead to a rewarding career. “I will be doing what I love and helping those in need.”

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