Building and Balancing, DEL student reflects on upcoming graduation

January 23, 2015
Lori Wedig


Spring 2015 will present the first graduates of the UW-Platteville Distance Education Leadership program and Lori Wedig is proud to be one of them. Drawn to the program by an interest in higher education, Wedig was excited to start her new journey in a growing field. 

“I’ve been in higher education for about 25 years, mostly through library services,” Wedig said. “I love working in higher education and watching this program grow has been a great experience. Working with the other students and sharing stories early in the program helped me build a lot of strong connections and let me know I was heading in the right direction.”

Relationship building has always been a point of interest for Wedig, especially in mentoring and networking. She experienced the benefits first-hand through her course work, as the feedback from her peers helped her prepare for her capstone and her graduate assistantship position with the Distance Learning Center.

“When I decided to apply for the assistantship, other students gave me feedback about what they’d like to see change with the program and ways we could develop new opportunities,” Wedig said. “I’ve gotten to do a lot of different projects with assessment and early alert systems for student retention, and it has helped with my capstone work on faculty retention as well.”

While the assistantship provided a great way for Wedig to apply everything she was learning, it also presented a new set of challenges; particularly time management between work, family, and classes.

“I had to re-learn how to balance things,” Wedig said. “When I took on the assistantship, one of the requirements included being enrolled in two online courses. So suddenly I was trying to balance a new job and two classes on top of my old job and helping my husband, who owns his own business. It can be really overwhelming but things like using preview week and asking the instructor for clarification early in the process can make a difference.”

Now as Wedig prepares for May Commencement, she can reflect on her accomplishments and plan her next career steps.

“My work situation is changing and I feel like my master’s degree is going to open up a lot of new opportunities for me,” Wedig said. “It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to build on everything I’ve learned.”

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