Insert Stuff (Desire2Learn)


The Insert Stuff feature is found in the HTML editor in Desire2Learn. It allows the user to avoid coding in HTML to embed videos and other "stuff.' insert stuff can be used to embed media, links, files and other types of embed codes.


  • Instructor access to Desire2Learn course
  • File to be embedded using Insert Stuff


  1. The Insert Stuff button is found in every HTML editor window in the top left corner.

Insert Stuff button
Insert Stuff button

Note: For more information about Desire2Learn's HTML Editor see the HTML Editor in Desire2Learn.

  1. When selected, the Insert Stuff window opens and the type of media can be selected.

Insert Stuff window
Insert Stuff window

  1. Choose the location/type of media to embed with Insert Stuff.
    • My Computer¬†allows the user to choose a media file from the local computer and embed it into the document being created with the HTML editor.
    • Course Offering Files allows the user to choose a media file from the current Desire2Learn file path.
    • MyMedia files are media files stored in a user's MyMedia repository. For more information on inserting MyMedia files see: ICET Quickguide: Access Kaltura/MyMedia - Desire2Learn HTML Editor Insert Stuff Button.
    • YouTube files can be browsed and selected to embed. It is possible to preview the YouTube video from the YouTube properties page.
    • Insert Link allows the user to insert the URL for an online media file.
    • Enter Embed Code to embed objects, such as iframes.¬†Note: If an attempt is made to display content from a non-secure site, learners will not see the content unless they allow it in their browsers

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